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The Best Venue to Hire Brighton: 2023 Guide

Everybody knows that we love London town. Look, anyone who hasn't been living under a rock knows that it's a remarkable place.

But there's another special UK city that can't be overlooked.

Photo Credit: Marcel Hergaarden

A place that gives our nation's capital some serious competition for England's best city. A place that holds a humongous space in our hearts. Where are we talking about? We're on about the brilliant city of Brighton.

Charmingly referred to as "London by Sea", Brighton is a special place for multiple reasons. It's aesthetic, coastal, multicultural, artsy, sunny. It's arguably the UK's top spot for vegan cuisine. Plus it's mighty inclusive to LGBTQIA+ folks, and has remained a hub for members of the rainbow community for decades now.

Photo Credit: Suzy Hazelwood

We love Brighton, but we're not here to list off fun facts about it!

We're here to handle a very important topic: private hire. Brighton has a plethora of awesome venues for hire. And in true diverse fashion, venues in Brighton come in all shapes and sizes. Whether you want a large space for a wedding after party, or a smaller site for an intimate birthday gathering, you'll find something. In short, there are as many venues for hire in Brighton than there are cutesy rooftop cafes.

But alas, with great choice comes an even greater opportunity for indecisiveness. And if you're reading this, it's likely that you're looking to host an event in Brighton. And you have a lot of questions about it. And naturally, you don't know where to start.

Photo Credit: Rue Hazell

We hear your questions loud and clear...

"Where's a good Brighton venue for a work conference?" "What about a venue hire with multiple function rooms that's good for corporate business meetings?" "Or venues in the city centre?"

Photo Credit: Bob Jenkin

"Is there the opportunity to hire out a whole venue for my function?" "Can you recommend any restaurants or venues on the seafront that do private hire?" "What about a private event venue that overlooks Brighton pier?" "Are there any cool art galleries or hotels in Brighton for venue hire?"

"What about a theatre in Brighton for hire?" "Is Brighton Harbour Hotel or the Brighton Dome available for hire?" "If not, can you think of any venues that are similar?" "Or are there any night clubs in Brighton that do private events?" "Can you suggest any cool event venues in the centre of Brighton for private hire?"

Ah, decisions, decisions, decisions...

Photo Credit: Harry Shelton

Pause. We at Proud know the following better than anyone. When it concerns private venue hire in Brighton, it is paramount that you do your due diligence. In order to find the perfect venue for your event, you need to research, strategise and shop around. But we get that this is a lot to fit in, especially on top of the hustle and bustle of everyday life. That's why we're stepping in to help you.

Here's a guide on the best venues in Brighton for venue hire.

All you need to do for the moment? Sit back, get comfortable, and take a read of our latest helpful blog. Check out our top picks for venue hire in Brighton below:

Proud Cabaret Brighton

One of the reasons we love Brighton so much is because it's home to one of our marvellous cabaret venues. We converted an old ballroom and transformed it into we what know today as Proud Cabaret Brighton. Proud is famous throughout the country for captivating cabarets and hilarious drag shows hosted by an eclectic bunch of burlesque artists, musicians and circus and drag performers.

Brighton Venue Hire - Proud

And as it turns out, it's one of the top spots for Brighton hire, too. So it would be silly of us not to include it. The charming interiors elevate the original architecture whilst paying homage to its classic roots. And its charming interiors strike a perfect balance between vintage opulence and cutting-edge cool. The venue has a capacity for 160 guests and has seen a unique array of private hire fixtures, including fashion shows, award ceremonies and weddings. After all, life is a cabaret, old chum.

Brighton Dome

Looking for bit of history when selecting your event hire? Brighton Dome's got it. Located in the centre of Brighton's cultural quarter, Brighton Dome is a Grade I and Grade II listed building and is a part of the Royal Pavilion estate. The venue caters to everything from corporate business meetings to Christmas and private parties. Fun fact: it was originally built in 1805 as the Prince Regent's horse-riding house!

Photo Credit: Robson Zuccolotto

No. 32 Brighton

Looking for some variety? Then check out No.32. No. 32 is a stunning restaurant and nightclub located on Duke Street. Wanting an intimate space to host your birthday dinner? Well No. 32's smallest room can accommodate up to 40 guests - score! Or if you're wanting to expand the party, No. 32 have multiple rooms, with two of the larger spaces accommodating up to 150 each - perfecto!

Photo Courtesy of No.32 Brighton

The Breakfast Club

Calling all Instagrammable restaurant lovers! (so basically everybody). Have you heard of The Breakfast Club? If not, check it out. The Breakfast Club is a groovy space decorated with bright colours, funky décor and serves an abundance of - you guessed it - delicious brunch food. And it's available for private hire! If you want a colourful spot for your event - try The Breakfast Club!

Photo Credit: Helena Lopes

Hixon Green in Hove

Hixon Green is a delightful Hove venue and is great for an engagement party. You can rent the top floor, but if you want to push the boat out, you can rent the whole venue! It's furnished with lovely modern décor and their in-house catering is simply to die for.

One final note - get booking folks!


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