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An Exclusive Affair: Venue Hire for Private Functions in Vibrant Brighton

If you're on the hunt for a slice of Brighton's dynamic character for your next private function, you've hit the jackpot with Proud Brighton. At the top end of Kemptown, Proud Brighton is one of those gems you’d wished you had discovered sooner. Just a short walk from the beach, the town center, 5 mins from the Marina, it’s perfectly situated for a host of events and functions.

Proud Brighton: More Than Just a Venue

One step into Proud Brighton and you'll know you're in for something special. With its chic cocktail bar, the restaurant lounge that oozes elegance, and a ballroom that never skips a beat, Proud Brighton isn't just a place — it's an experience.

Here's the cherry on top: this venue isn't just about classy interiors and a great location; It's about feeling your heart race as world-class cabaret, burlesque, and drag shows take the stage. It's about making your private party a conversation starter for months to come.

And when your guests are treated to a range of sophisticated canapés or a lavish three-course dining experience, they won't be able to stop singing praises about your party. That's the Proud Brighton promise!

Intimate Events with a Side of Vibrancy

Tucked into the heart of Kemptown, Proud Brighton is your answer to an intimate event space in Brighton that still maintains a lively vibe. The sea whispering tales in the backdrop, the grand chandeliers illuminating tales of luxury, and a beautifully refurbished ballroom making every moment a memory – this exclusive party venue is a Brighton dream come true.

Where the Magic Happens

You can't overlook Proud Brighton's prime location at 83 St George's Rd, Kemptown when discussing private gatherings in Brighton. Its location combines accessibility with Brighton's spirited ambiance to offer an event that's as remarkable as the venue itself.

Make Your Dream Event a Proud Brighton Affair

Finding the perfect venue can be stressful, but with Proud Brighton, your dream event is within reach. If you’re after luxury venue hire in Brighton, then this is not just about a place to host your event; it's about creating an experience that leaves a lasting impression. Try and step up the experiential and wow your guests instead of putting on another mediocre afternoon nobody remembers!

In a city teeming with creativity and energy like Brighton, Proud Brighton mirrors its vibrancy while providing the elegance and exclusivity you desire. For an unforgettable affair in a venue that's equally unforgettable, let Proud Brighton be the canvas for your next private function.


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