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London's Hidden Gems: Large Venues for Hire You Didn't Know About

In the heart of London, a city celebrated for its vibrant culture and iconic landmarks, lie some of the most unique event venues. Among these hidden gems, perfect for hosting a range of corporate functions, Proud Embankment stands out as a beacon of modernity amidst tradition.

Large Venues for Hire

The Proud Embankment: Our Secret Venue with a Grandeur Touch

Think you've seen all London has to offer? Prepare to be surprised. Our venue, Proud Embankment, is a hidden gem waiting to transform your corporate function into an extraordinary experience.

Located right beneath the famous Waterloo Bridge, Proud Embankment provides an unusual event space, with the peaceful Thames flowing nearby. This two-storied marvel with a double-height atrium and amphitheater-style event area, is a stage set for unforgettable gatherings and show-stopping performances.

Having undergone a transformative renovation, Proud Embankment, one of the large event venues in London, can comfortably accommodate 750 guests. It is an excellent choice for bigger affairs like corporate parties, award ceremonies, or venue takeovers.

We Add Glamour to Your Corporate Functions

At Proud Embankment, we focus not just on size, but also on style, uniqueness, and an offbeat charm. Our tiered theatre-style seating, wrap-around balcony, and VIP area overlooking the Thames bring an undeniable glamour. This is where corporate sophistication meets the thrill of the circus.

Our extensive menus, from canapés to full dining experiences, along with a curative cocktail menu, allow us to tailor the experience to your event's needs. With our commitment to creating whatever you can imagine, Proud Embankment stands out among quirky event venues.

Discover More Hidden Event Venues

Beyond Proud Embankment, London houses an array of exclusive event venues, each offering a unique charm and character. From renovated warehouses to lavish townhouses, our city’s secret event spaces provide diverse options for those seeking non-traditional venues.

A Final Word

When searching for unique event venues in London, consider the secret, the hidden, and the offbeat. Venues like Proud Embankment exemplify London's ability to surprise and delight, even for the most discerning corporate clientele.

So, the next time you're planning a corporate event, consider our private event spaces in London that have been hiding in plain sight. You might just find that a hidden gem like Proud Embankment is the perfect setting for your next unforgettable event.

Interested in learning more about how Proud Embankment can elevate your next corporate event?Contact us today for a full brochure and overview of what we can do for you and your event at Proud Embankment.


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