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The Top Space Rental London for Private Hire

London. The sprawling, dynamic metropolis is known and visited by millions. Folks flock from all 4 corners of the world to the city that doesn't stop for business, tourism, pleasure, or to simply make a new life for themselves.

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Whoever said New York was the city that didn't sleep has clearly never walked around London's centre on a Friday night. With 32 boroughs, 272 tube stations, 8700 buses and a staggering 9.6 million residents, our nation's capital is vast. And if London was a lady, she'd be hard to pin down. With an ever-changing nightlife scene and an ever-growing number of event spaces, the face of London changes almost daily.

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It seems like every day there's a new quirky restaurant to hold a business meeting. And there's new event spaces popping up faster than you can say Buckingham Palace. Where are we going with this? If you're here, it's likely that you've got an upcoming event and are tirelessly searching for the perfect venue for hire. This is even more daunting than trying to find a parking space in Kensington.

When it comes to venues, we're sure you've got as many questions as there are rats in the underground. "What venue hire caters to my needs?" "What about function rooms, guest list, drinks, hire fees, virtual events and the like?" "Where can I find some affordable venues that match my budget?" "Or venues that provide food?" "What about venues for large groups?"

Stop right there. Don't worry about this, because Proud Group have you covered. We've put together a helpful list of some of London's top spaces for private hire so you don't have to cry a flurry of worried tears on your laptop keyboard.

Photo by Timur Saglambilek

Planning your next event and looking for venues in London? Forget those run-of-the-mill venues, bars, and restaurants. You'll thank us later.

Proud Embankment

We're kicking off our list with Proud Embankment. Yes, we're going in with one of our own venues. But it is undeniably one of the very best venues for private hire in London. So really, we're doing you a favour by mentioning it first!

Proud Embankment Prive Hire Central London

Our palatial venue is sat on the famous London Embankment, a prime location for events. Iconic landmarks like St Paul's Cathedral are just a 10-minute tube ride away. Not to mention that you can step outside and see the world-famous London skyline (Alexa, play London Calling).

Proud Embankment Bar with a cocktail

There are sumptuous interiors decorated with delicious dark wood and gold accents. You'll forget you've just been on a crowded, smelly tube the second you step inside our opulent venue. Whether you're wanting a space for your work meetings, birthday parties, wedding receptions, award ceremonies, or any other special occasion, Proud Embankment has you covered.

The stage shot at Proud Embankment

Our lovely staff are super helpful. And our catering boasts a food menu and drinks menu that changes seasonally to keep things fresh. So if you're searching for venues in Central London, we'd be silly not to clue you in about Proud Embankment.

The bar at Proud Embankment Empty

Blueprint Event Space

This large, modern event venue in Central London is located on the first floor of London's old design museum and is great for events.

Photo by Max Vakhtbovych

It's adorned with grand floor-to-ceiling windows that allow an uninterrupted view of the iconic London skyline. Sip your cocktail whilst you gaze out onto London Bridge. Delightful!

Blueprint Event Space London Night

This venue is equipped with a big outdoor terrace area that blends itself nicely into the clean, modern inside interiors. No matter the reason, guests can hire out Blueprint and enjoy some truly amazing views. As venues go, it's one to check out!

Photo by

Blueprint is an awesome fit for your birthday party or networking event. And if you're wanting to make your arrival extra memorable, you can arrive by boat! Talk about impressive spaces!

Treehouse Shoreditch

Now to the East End, the beating heart of London. Shoreditch is unquestionably one of the coolest neighbourhoods in London. And what's a cooler idea for an event space than hosting a party in a tree house-themed venue?

Interior at Treehouse shoreditch
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Adorned with rustic wood and indoor plants, Treehouse Shoreditch is one of the coolest event venues in London. It's cheaper than other London venues and is available for just £1200 a day. It's one of those hidden gems perfect for venue hire on a budget.

Aerial image at Shoreditch Treehouse
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The Saatchi Gallery

When it comes to unique venues in London, The Saatchi is up there. Located on King's Road, the Saatchi is one of London's iconic landmarks. It's a charitable art gallery that works to make contemporary art accessible for all. And it's also available for venue hire!

Photo by ¶Project Atlas

The Saatchi offers a capacity of 300 standing and 180 seated. You can even rent out a whole gallery floor and turn it into a few meeting rooms whilst you explore some of the best pieces of modern art! A perfect venue for you artsy types!

Rolling Stones in the Bar Room at Saatchi Gallery
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From private parties, product launches, catwalks, private dining and more, you'll find plenty of reasons to pick The Saatchi for your next private event!

Private Dinner at Saatchi Gallery
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Rolling Stock

Are you event planning and looking for more low-key venues? Rolling Stock is the perfect fit. It's one of those affordable venues and has a homely feel that you'll find in those old London pubs.

Interior of Rolling Stock London
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Typically for live music, this fantastic venue is also suitable for private parties, corporate and ticketed events, product launches and exhibitions.

Outside at Rolling Stock London
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It's a rooftop bar - but fear not that infamous London rain. The 3000 square foot garden venue is heated, rainproof and equipped with a Burger & Beats food truck to keep your guests' cuisine and music cravings utterly satisfied.

Garden area of Rolling Stock London
Photo Courtesy of Rolling Stock London

Proud City

We couldn't chat about fantastic venues without mentioning Proud City! Look: we can't help that it's one of the top choices for venue hire in London. Embankment's East London counterpart is cosy, classy and completely versatile, transforming itself with ease to fit whatever vision you have. From fashion shows to product launches, we've thrown them all. Our diligent, jovial staff are always on hand to help, so you can eat, drink and mingle knowing your event's thriving without a hitch.

Interior at Proud City

Styled with 1920s speakeasy-inspired décor as a homage to the Prohibition days, it's luxurious interiors and top-notch sound system make it the perfect venue for any event. Plus we've got ambient lighting that's interchangeable to fit your event's desired vibe.

Dance Floor at Proud City

Our exquisite cocktails and fantastic catering is akin to London's elite restaurants - you're taste buds will thank you for choosing Proud! Forget those average eateries and bars. Create the event of your dreams with Proud City. You won't find an intimate venue in London like this!

Wall art at Proud City

Cutty Sark: Under the Hull

Fancy an alternative event venue for your next big shindig? What about under one of the most famous boats in the world? No, this isn't a typo. We're talking about the Cutty Sark, Greenwich's historical ship.

Photo by Inga Seliverstova

The boat has a rich history, originally built in 1869 with the intention of carrying back tea from China. But now it's one of the most special venues that London has to offer.

Cutty Sark Under The Hull
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It can host up to 450 standing guests, all suspended 3 metres below ground level underneath the mighty ship. Fun fact: the Cutty Sark is the only original ship in the whole world where guests are able to dine and entertain underneath! Talk about unconventional venues for hire!

Dining Quarters
Photo courtesy of

It goes without saying: the Cutty Sark is a truly amazing experience when it comes to venue hire in London.

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The Delaunay, London Art House

It's a known fact that we humans come up with our best ideas when we're relaxed. Are you looking for a lovely space to replace your run-of-the-mill meeting room? Say bye-bye to your office, painfully white fluorescent lights and uncomfortable chairs, and hello to bright, light art decor.

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It's got all the amenities required for a company brainstorming session: whiteboards, comfy chairs, a lovely area for coffee breaks and a huge TV for group presentations. This venue is a prime fit for your next team meeting session - your company will love it!

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One last thing - happy booking folks!


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