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Unveiling Proud Private Hire's Exclusive Venues for VIP Corporate Gatherings

In the world of corporate events, the venue is not just a backdrop; it's a statement. At Proud Private Hire, we've been making those statements with our collection of luxury venues for nearly two decades, each with its own character and story. From the heart of London's financial district to the vibrant shores of Brighton, our venues are the epitome of sophistication and grandeur.

Proud Private Hire

Imagine your corporate gathering at a venue that not only boasts a legacy of nightlife innovation but also echoes the glamour of eras past. At Proud Private Hire, we bring this vision to life with our unique venues that promise exclusivity and unforgettable experiences.

High-end Corporate Event Venues

Proud Embankment: The Jewel in Our Crown

Nestled beneath the neoclassical grandeur of Somerset House, Proud Embankment stands as our flagship venue. It's not just a venue; it's a 750-capacity cultural phenomenon that has hosted the likes of international musicians and A-list celebrities. After a transformative renovation, Proud Embankment now boasts a double-height atrium, tiered theatre-style seating, and an opulent VIP area with views of the Thames. Here, the grandeur is not just seen; it's experienced.

Luxury Spaces for Corporate VIPs

Brighton: A Seaside Spectacle

In Kemptown lies Proud Cabaret Brighton, a venue that fuses seaside charm with the opulence of cabaret. This iconic venue, recently renovated, encapsulates the essence of Brighton's artistic spirit. It's a place where sophistication meets performance, where your guests can enjoy world-class acts along with decadent cocktails and fine dining. Each event here is tailored to ensure it's as unique and memorable as the venue itself.

London City: A Roaring Experience

Proud City pays homage to the roaring 1920s, with decor that speaks of jazz clubs and Parisian chic. Tucked away in the financial heart of London, it's an underground escape into a bygone era of glamour and decadence. From the sassiest drag brunches to the vibrant flavours of Mumbai Masala, Proud City isn't just a venue; it's a time-travel experience that guarantees a glamorous celebration.

Exclusive Locations for Corporate Events

Each Proud venue is more than just a space — it's a destination that promises an extraordinary experience. Whether it's the historical allure of Embankment, the coastal vibrancy of Brighton, or the vintage glamour of London City, we provide the perfect setting for your VIP corporate gatherings.

VIP Corporate Event Destinations

Proud Private Hire

Our venues are handpicked not just for their aesthetic and historical significance but for their ability to host the most exclusive events. At Proud, we've mastered the art of creating unforgettable experiences that merge fine dining, bespoke entertainment, and unparalleled service.


At Proud Private Hire, we take pride in offering venues that are rich in history, steeped in luxury, and perfect for creating exclusive corporate gatherings. Each of our venues, from the grand Proud Embankment to the spirited Proud Cabaret Brighton and the timeless Proud City, is a testament to our dedication to excellence. We invite you to host your next event with us and promise an experience that's as extraordinary as our venues.


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